Hail the Taxi Revolution with the Powerful Uber App Clone Script

Technology has revolutionized the daily life of human beings as well as the avatar of businesses, the most recent among them being the taxi on demand service industry. With the presence of an app it has become a flawless process for the taxi on demand service industry to start accepting rides and for the rider to take rides just with a few taps on their device.


So, if you are a newbie in the taxi on demand service industry and want to digitize your services and build a brand for your taxi services, the Uber script is what you should go for! Built using the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipped with some of the most unique features, the Uber app script will make your on demand taxi service industry a hit right from day 1! Excited? Here’s what we offer in the taxi app script.

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Exciting Features of Uber App Clone Script

This unique featured Uber script is made using the latest state-of-the-art-technology like Java, php, Bootstrap, a licensed source code, payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, to name a few and multi-language and multi-currency to ensure that you can operate your business seamlessly living in any corner of the world. However with all these unique features and integrations, we also make sure that we follow a timely delivery to ensure that your app gets available among your users in a fast manner.

VOIP based Call Masking

VOIP based Call Masking to ensure the privacy of the rider and the rider by neither of the two getting their numbers revealed and the both remaining connected via calls over the internet.

Geo-Fencing Location

Geo-Fencing to prevent the driver from taking rides in crime-prone areas or areas considered unsafe after dark.

Internal Chat and Call

Internal Text Chat between rider and driver to ensure neither of the two miss out on tracking each other before the ride begins.

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Handicap Accessibility

Ride Taxi with Handicap Accessibility to ensure those with a disability to take rides and reach their desired location in a convenient manner.

Taxi Hailing

Taxi Hailing to empower riders not having the uber for x script to take the benefits of a ride.

Tip to Driver

Tip Option for Driver to empower the driver to add the details of the tip they receive from the rider.

Taxi app script demo video

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Some of Our Unique Attributes

  • Delivery of Uber app Clone script within 72 hours.
  • Strict Adherence to NDA to ensure that the name of your business does not get reflected on our portfolio.
  • iOS and Android App Rejection Support to ensure the app’s flawless launch.
  • Free 365 Days Bug Support to ensure that app functions seamlessly and the business owner does not feel lost.
  • White-Labelled to ensure the visibility of the brand name and logo all across the taxi app script.

Free Updates

Supporting You with a Successful Taxi On Demand Service Industry – Free Update for Uber for X script for 36 Months


Having a dream and making it a reality requires a lot of courage. You have the dreams of having your successful taxi service empire, then why just let it remain a dream? When you come to us with the dream of having your very own Uber app script that is flawless we shall make sure that we offer you just that with a free update available for 3 consecutive years to ensure a hit taxi service industry for you after all when you are the titan of this race, it is important to be a giant!

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